Main Task: Evaluation question 6

This is what is being said if anything was inaudible:

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


In the process of constructing my product I have learnt how to use many programmes that help me create a film. One is Final Cut. Final Cut was the programme that u used to edit my shots together, I took the shots I had filmed and proceeded to learn how to cut bits down, add music and on screen effects. Final Cut was how I got to change my filmed shots into a film opening sequence. Another programme I used was WordPress. I used WordPress to help plan out what I was going to be doing and when I would do them, this varied between writing about the audience I wanted to attract/address with my film opening and plan out what days I would be filming and when I would be editing. I also got to use a Cannon 700D which I used to film my shots. I learnt how to change the ISO to 800 as we had shots that were quite dark but had some natural light instead of 1600 for really dark shots. I also was able to use a tripod and dolly to help get the best angles I could with my camera. For the voiceover I went to a studio to record the vocals for a more professional voiceover.  I used the system Logic to get the sound from the mic onto our film opening.

Main Task: Evaluation question 4

This is what is being said if anything was inaudible:

Who would be the audience for your media product?


The main target audience for my media product would be 18-35 males who are interested in neo noir thriller films. We have based our film on this particular target audience making sure to add things that they would like to see for example; a complicated plot that is easy to follow if the audience member if focusing on the story well enough. Throughout the planning, filming and editing we have taken this target audience into account and thought of things they would like to see, even ask some members of our target audience what they are most happy with from our film and what they would like added. Our secondary target audience is 36-50 year olds males and 18-35 females. This is because the older generation could enjoy this movie; we made it our secondary target audience because some people this age group may not understand what is going on during the film. Also by adding females into our secondary target audience because some females are into the murder mysteries story’s and may like our film idea.

Main Task: Production Log, Filming

We have now filmed  the second part of our 3 part filming sessions. This filming involved the third murder, the drowning victim. With help from Frank who has offered to act for us. We went to Marcus’ house as his bathroom was more suitable and easier to film. We got many affective shots and we made sure that it suited the neo noir genre. We have looked over these shots and have found successful ones we could use for our film opening.


Main Task: Lighting

As we were focusing our film opening to be a neo noir style we knew that lighting was very important to get right. We spent a lot of time getting the lighting to fit the neo noir thriller style. We used 3 different lamps to give the effect we wanted, making sure that the lighting was the same in shots that are in the same set, keeping the continuity of our filming. As we wanted to make our film opening to suit the neo noir style we researched and found a lot of different ways to achieve this (Below).


As we saw all of these pictures ingot to grips what kind of lighting style was prominant in the neo noir style of film. Most neo noir styled films have very minimal lighting and colour or no colour at all. Shadows and silhouettes are focused heavily and the colour that is in usually has a  green or orange tint.

We tried many different ways to achieve this and used a range of lighting techniques, using a backlight and sometimes adding more than one light source, rarely using natural light at all. After the filming we will further edit our shots to add extra on screen effects such as making it darker and adding a green or orange tint based on which one we like more. Below is a video of us discussing how we should do the lighting of our silhouette hanging for victim 3.

(Video will be here soon)